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Finding Your Authentic Self

Recently, an exJW friend of mine posted a question as to whether or not people who were born in to the Jehovah’s Witness life had a harder time leaving than those who converted.  My contention is that we do indeed have a harder time of it, because we have no reference point of our personal “normal” to fall back on, whereas those who converted had an identity pre-cult. Continue reading Finding Your Authentic Self


The Face of Shunning


This is the face of shunning…or, should I say it’s the back of shunning.  Rick Gonzales shares this poignant moment in time with us as he describes what it’s like to be shunned by his 80 year old father.  You can read the full story at: http://aawa.co/blog/shameful-shunning-in-a-thousand-words/.

We’re Not Alone

When I first parted ways with Jehovah’s Witnesses over two decades ago, I’ll never forget the sense of isolation I felt. Of course, this is what the JWs were banking on–it’s how they control people…with fear.  When you’re given the boot from the Watchtower organization, everyone you’ve associated with in the religious group shuns you–even family.  There can be no greater rejection than when your family turns their back on you. Continue reading We’re Not Alone

What really gets me fired up…

There are some things in this world that completely unhinge me–child molesters are one of one of those things.  What is also despicable is when an organization claiming to be inspired by a loving god chooses to keep policies in place that protect those pedophiles, instead of their innocent victims.

Continue reading What really gets me fired up…

My Journey Out of Cognitive Dissonance

Someone recently asked, “What was it that made you leave Jehovah’s Witnesses?”  This is a commonly asked question by folks who have just left the organization.  At the time of my departure, I would have given you a laundry list of supposed reasons and absolutely none of them had to do with the religion to which I was enslaved:  marriage, in-laws, work, too much pressure, illness.  But, that was my programmed mind making up reasons to reconcile them with what I thought was the truth.  I thought I must have been a bad person, a spiritually weak person, to have those things affect me to the point of an emotional breakdown.  However, that just wasn’t true! Continue reading My Journey Out of Cognitive Dissonance

The “Ugly Filter”

As a hobbyist nature photographer, I was delighted this morning when I found a box of new lenses and filters at my doorstep. Of course, I had to try out each one on my camera to see how the view of my world would change.  One filter, in particular is used to refract light in creative ways.  With small adjustments I can control from which direction the light comes in, to capture the beauty in new ways.

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